The ASC Group was founded by John White.  John is a serial entrepreneur, founder of a software company sold to General Electric, a package design and engineering company to a Chinese manufacturer, where he worked for a number of years and most recently, he founded Mobilegs, a medical device company which he sold in 2013.  The primary customer base for Mobilegs is Ambulatory Surgery Centers.  John developed a deep understanding of the factors impacting ASC's through his work with McKesson, the initial distributor of Mobilegs.

Through countless calls on hundreds of ASC's John developed strong relationships with physicians who have two major assets: their medical practices and their medical real estate.  The physicians who built these practices have a unique set of assets and consequently a unique set of issues that should be considered when they are planning for retirement and proper succession management.

The ASC Group has worked with dozens of physicians in states across the US with primary focus on suburban and rural markets.  Our single focus is to help physicians maximize their core assets' value when planning for retirement.  We have a process that enables physicians to fully understand their options when navigating succession planning.  The greater the distance between instigating a plan and retirement, the greater number of options can be explored; The ASC Group understands how to maximize the value of real estate and limit risk upon retirement.